The procedures:
The International Adoption Process in Québec

    International adoption is a long process. Even with good preparation before beginning your project 1, you will need courage, patience and perseverance to complete all the steps. To help you, here is an explanation of the 12 steps of a typical international adoption project in Québec.

Each adoption is somewhat different in its details depending on the country and the organization which acts as your intermediary or if you decide to do a private adoption. Hence, this overview presents the main steps of the process which follow from legal requirements 2. You should confirm these with your intermediary or with parents who have recently completed the process.

Special steps apply only to adoption in China. Buttons will lead you to pages on the fringe of the main course if you need them.

Progress diagram of an international adoption project

To help you understand the process, you can refer to the progress diagram of an international adoption project in Québec. A new window will open that you may keep in the background and consult when needed, that you do not get confused with the maze :>).

Progress diagram of an international adoption project

To limit the size of the pages on this subject, we have split the presentation in four pages that you can see at will, even though their order corresponds to the chronological unfolding of an international adoption project.

The twelve steps of the international adoption process

    Page 1

  1.  Choosing your adoption route
  2.  The psychosocial assessment
  3.  Sending the dossier abroad

    Page 2

  4.  The child proposal
  5.  Giving out of the support letters by the SAI
  6.  Sponsorship of the application for landing with the immigration authorities

    Page 3

  7.  The procedures abroad
  8.  Arrival of the child in Québec
  9.  The progress reports

    Page 4

  10.  The foreign judgment recognition or the order of placement
  11.  Judgment of adoption
  12.  Application for citizenship

  1. The preparation of your adoption project is discussed (in french) in the pre-adoption section of the site.
  2. Another page of this site explains Québec's laws pertaining to international adoption. Also, a page covers the Hague Convention on international adoption. If you are "new" to international adoption, reading these other pages will help you understand what the requirements are and come from.

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