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Professional Corporations

    To carry out your adoption project, you will need the services of certain professionals. First, the psychosocial assessment must be done either by a member of the psychologist Corporation of Québec (Ordre des psychologues) or by a member of the Social Worker Corporation of Québec (Ordre des travailleurs sociaux). Then, if you choose a country which doesn't use english (or french) in its bureaucracy, you will need to have your documents translated, preferably by a member of Translators and Interpreters Corporation of Québec (Ordre des traducteurs et des interprètes). Lastly, you may also need a lawyer or a notary for the legal process.

The professional corporations have a mecanism in place to ensure public protection. If you are not satisfied with the services of your evaluator, or translator or law professional, don't hesitate to talk to them. If you don't reach an agreement with them, contact the relevant professional corporation.

To obtain a list of professionals who offer services in your region, in case of dispute or simply to get information, here is how you can reach these organizations useful in carrying out an adoption project:

Psychologists Corporation of Québec

Phone: (514) 738-1881   Fax: (514) 737-6431

Social Workers Corporation of Québec

Phone: (514) 731-3925   Fax: (514) 731-6785

Certified Translators and Interpreters Corporation of Québec

Québec city: (418) 527-4821  Montréal: Phone: (514) 845-4411
Elsewhere: 1-800-265-4815

Barreau du Québec (lawyers corporation)

Chambre des notaires (notaries corporation)

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Youth Centers of Québec

    The "Centres jeunesse du Québec" (Youth Centers) are government bodies of the province of Québec coming under the Department of Health and Social Services. They are among others responsible for the laws related to youth protection. In international adoption, their role is first to carry out psychosocial assessments (homestudy), for adoption projects in countries requiring that such an evaluation be done by a government body. Also, the Youth Protection Director verifies, when you present your request to the Court of Québec (Youth Division), if you obeyed the law in all the steps you took.

If you are not satisfied with the services of the Youth Centers, you have the right to file a complaint and to be helped in your steps by the users committee of the institution (Health and Social Services Law).

To find how to contact the 17 Youth Centers of Québec:

Youth Centers Association of Québec

2 000, rue Mansfield, Bureau 1 100
Montréal (Québec)
H3A 2Z8
Courrier électronique : [email protected]
Téléphone : (514) 842-5181
Télécopieur : (514) 842-4834

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The Court of Québec - Youth Division

(Cour du Québec - Chambre de la jeunesse)
    The Youth divison of the Québec Court is the branch or division of this court who has jurisdiction on all laws pertaining to children's rights. In international adoption, the Court rules to approve an adoption project in the case of China or to recognize the judgment of adoption in the case of other countries. For more details, see our page explaining Québec's laws in international adoption.

The Court operates on the basis of many regional districts. You will therefore need to find the name and address of the Clerk of the Court (Greffier de la Cour) in your district. You can ask for that information at the following offices:

Québec city region

Phone: (418) 649-3496

Montréal region

Phone: (514) 495-5806

Elsewhere in Québec

Fax: (418) 528-0932

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International Pediatry Clinics

    In Québec, there is two clinics specialized in health care to children adopted abroad. Since the increase in the number of international adoptions in Québec after 1990, these clinics have gained considerable experience in the diagnostic and treatment of many "exotic" diseases. Note also that there are many health-travel clinics.

You may contact the pediatry clinics to get information about the relative risks of adoption in different countries, in the point of view of childrens health. At St-Luc, you can have a pre-adoption consultation before accepting a child proposal. This program is made possible by the CHUM foundation but there is a 75$ fee, the child not being covered by the health insurance regime yet.

After the child's arrival, you should have a consultation with a pediatricain of your region, or at the Quebec's city clinic, so that your child can be thoroughly evaluated, that he passes all relevant tests and gets the required treatment if needed. The Ste-Justine clinique, now called the "International Health Clinic", no longer accept first line consultation but only children refered by other pediatricians for specialized investigations, so cases of relatively sick children

Another international post-adoption clinic as open at the Centre Hospitalier Ambulatoire R≥gionale De Laval (CHARL) on september 21th 1999, with the collaboration of Jean-Fran≠ois Chicoine of Ste-Justine. The clinic is opened each tuesday from nine to five under the supervision of Dr. Ga‘lle Vekemansand its collegues.

Here is the contact information for the three pediatry clinics I am aware of in Quebec:

In Montréal:

Clinique de préadoption,
Centre de médecine du voyage
Hôpital Saint-Luc
1001, rue St-Denis
Montréal, Québec
H3T 1K2
Phone: (514) 281-3295

In Québec city:

Clinique de médecine de la famille
Centre médical Berger
1000, chemin Ste-Foy, suite 116
Québec, Québec
Phone: (418) 688-1385
Fax.: (418) 688-3249

In Laval:

Centre hospitalier ambulatoire de Laval
1515, boul. Chomedey Laval,
Qu≥bec H7V 3Y7
Phone.: (450) 978-8301 ou 8302
Fax : (450) 978-8339

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