Organizations and Associations:
Québec's Parent Support Groups

Why should you become member of a parent association?

    Be it at the beginning of the adoption process or when the child as finally arrived at home, we would never recommend too much that you become member of a parents association or support group. Why? Essentially because all parents associations are based on the same principles: sharing and exchange between members.

Before adoption, it is the best way to get informations on the adoption process. Of course, the adoption agencies and the Secretary of International Adoption (SAI) can inform you about your services. Precisely, you will find from them only their informations. On the contrary, only the parents associations can give you advices on how to choose an agency, its reputation, the quality of its services. Only support groups can inform you on the possibility of private adoption, without the intermediary of an agency.

While waiting for the child, you will need support. The members of an association that have gone through it can help you. You can reach them on the phone, meet them at different events. Also, after adoption, you will be able to assist to workshops, lectures and other events to share your experiences and find solutions with families having the same difficulties than yours.

And lastly, only the associations defends the interests of adoptive parents. They have fought to obtain the current law, which has greatly facilitate the adoption process. They continue to monitor eventual changes to the law. They make representations on different subjects, for example to obtain equality of treatment in regard to parental leave or employment insurance. And foremost, they follow the application of the code of ethics that the certified agencies have endorsed: the associations can act as mediators between parents and agencies in case of dispute, they participate in the follow-up committee of the code of ethics. To survive, the parent support groups needs your support: please, become member of at least one association.
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Contacts of the parents associations

Adoption Estrie

Hélène Kouri, president
4540, rue Barrette
Sherbrooke, Québec
J1L 1T8
Phone: (819) 562-1535

Adoptive families of Québec

Roberta Fuller
John Fuller
187, Morina Circle
Pointe-Claire, Québec
H9S 4B4
Phone: (514) 694-7665

Association de parents pour l'adoption québécoise (APAQ)
(Domestic adoption in Québec)

Kathleen Neault, president
3530 Jeanne Mance,
Montréal H2X 2K3
Phone: (514) 990-9144 Phone: (514) 990-9144


APAQ Web Pages

Association des familles Québec-Asie

Jean-François Chapleau, president
C.P. 1201 - Succursale Desjardins
Montréal, Québec
H5B 1C3
Phone et Fax.: (514) 990-2446

Association des parents en adoption internationale du Saguenay-lac-St-Jean (APAISJ)

Centre Jeunesse d'Alma
att.Madame Louise Thibault
350, Côte du collège
Alma (Québec) G8B 3G3
Phone.: (418) 662-6641
or :
Centre Jeunesse Chicoutimi
att. Madame Marlène Murdock
599, rue Hôtel-Dieu
Chicoutimi (Québec) G7H 1W1
Phone.:(418) 549-4853 poste 4277


APAISJ Web Pages

Familles au coeur québécois

Joanne Ladouceur , president
73, rue Boucher
Gatineau (Québec)
J8Y 6G7
Phone.: (819) 777-3885
Phoneéc.: (819) 775-3261

Lucie Marchand, contact

FACQ Web Pages

Fédération des parents adoptants du Québec (FPAQ)

Claire-Marie Gagnon, president
42, boul. du Séminaire sud
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec
J3B 7M6
Phone et Fax.: (514) 990-5307

FPAQ Web Pages

Familles adoptantes d'Abitibi Témiscamingue

Email : [email protected]


Association des Parents Adoptants du Québec
261 rue Turgeon, #309
Ste-Thérèse QC J7E 4V8
Phone: (405) 979-9293



Société culturelle de familles adoptives d'enfants de Chine

Pierre Coallier, président
50, de la Rabastalière est
Suite 211
Saint-Bruno, Québec
J3V 2A5
Phone: (450) 461-0715
Email: [email protected]
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