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The site «Québecadoption.net» was mainly developed in French. In Decembre 1997, when it was launched, there was absolutely no other source of information on adoption in Québec. Just last year, the SAI (Secrétarait à l'adoption internationale), the provincial authority on international adoption for Québec, has finally put together some pages in English. For domestic adoption, Youth Protection Centres are supposed to be available in English.

Over the years, we had very little feedback and questions by English reading Quebecers. So, our motivation to maintain these pages has been low. Without demand, why should we continue to offer this service? We still keep these few pages here but updates are not frequent.

Since February 2006, international adoption in Quebec is under a new law that makes significant changes to the previous situation. We have modified the French pages explaining the process. Has of , the SAI's pages explaining the international adoption process in English are NOT updated. I do not have time to translate pages our new presentation of international adoption in English. If you have time and want to help in translating to English, please write to me at .

Here are is the content still available in English.

Seeking ADULT adoptees to participate in an inter-ethnic adoption study


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